inxni Auto Pilot Floor Cleaning Robot

With AICU navigation system, the era of fully automated sweeping without human intervention that you expected for long has arrived

Revolution, Not for Competition

Practical Technology in Style with Attractive Appearance

A combination of art and engineering, avant garde color matching and modeling, and ultimate product process, all bring you dual enjoyment in visual sense and function experience

Smart on Strategy and Strategizing

Use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology,achieve precise scanning and localization

and localization, and successfully build a house 2D map

Further information on laser navigation>>

Smart on Strategy and Skillfully Cleaning

“Bow-shape” path planning, clever obstacle bypassing, safeguard your objects from collision,

highly efficient and no dead angle left

Learn more about Path Planning >>

Powerful Cleaning and Returning to Nature

4 + 1-dimensional cleaning system settles the matter at one go, which improves cleaning rate at 20%

Learn more about cleaning system >>

Report and Communication through Mobile Phone

Visualization Mobile Phone App, the command center in household cleaning battle

Learn more about APP visualized interaction >>

Difference is the Basic Need

inxni will offer you a variety of configuration plan without prejudice to quality

Learn more about Specifications >>